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Sep 20

Local Recovery Story: Vanessa D.

My relationship with alcohol has always been a bit tumultuous. I can admit that I had some fun in my early days. The appeal, for me, was suddenly feeling confident and pretty, laughing a little harder with friends and finally feeling like I fit in; but I never drank like other people did. In retrospect, […]

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Sep 20

Charlie Schrauth: Changing My Life From Rock Bottom

Charlie Schrauth is one of our lead clinical providers here at SALS Recovery & Housing. He was born to a small farming community in Wisconsin on September 19th, 1953. Recently celebrating his birthday, he remembers his long journey of addiction and his recovery. As he began to grow up he realized that alcohol and cigarettes were […]

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Mar 20

A Story of Local Recovery, Simone G.

Simone Milwaukee Local Beats Addiction

Disclaimer: The following article contains some mature language and content.    I had many goals in my life that I wanted to achieve and had a strong certainty of what I wanted my world to look like.  I was certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that my future would be very different than that […]

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Jan 03

Exploring Alcoholism Treatment in Waukesha, WI

Exploring Waukesha Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a condition that can be heartbreaking not only for one experiencing it, but also for the supporting family. SALS Recovery understands that guests go through difficult and challenging times in their journey to recovery. This is why we are able to offer the right kind of encouraging support, a holistic experience, and […]

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