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Feb 09

Understanding the Root Source of Heroin Addiction

The moment a person becomes an addiction to something, it becomes extremely difficult to change them! If that something is “heroin”, things reach a whole different level. It is quite interesting to note that a lot of people wonder how their heroin addiction began in the first place. What were the initial signs of addiction? […]

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Jan 09

What are Some of the Major Causes of Drug Addiction?


Often times, people view drug addiction as a social problem and that the addict can simply wake up one day and stop using as long as he is willing. What many fail to understand is that drug addiction is a chronic and compulsive disorder that makes an individual rely on drugs to achieve a certain […]

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Nov 27

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center Near You

Stop Drugs

Getting into the habit of drug addiction is no laughing matter, as it could end up being a matter of life or death. With the latter being more often than not, the sad conclusion if nothing is done about it, it’s time to invoke change. We need to recognize local killers like heroin addiction and […]

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Sep 20

Local Recovery Story: Vanessa D.

My relationship with alcohol has always been a bit tumultuous. I can admit that I had some fun in my early days. The appeal, for me, was suddenly feeling confident and pretty, laughing a little harder with friends and finally feeling like I fit in; but I never drank like other people did. In retrospect, […]

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Sep 20

Charlie Schrauth: Changing My Life From Rock Bottom

Charlie Schrauth is one of our lead clinical providers here at SALS Recovery & Housing. He was born to a small farming community in Wisconsin on September 19th, 1953. Recently celebrating his birthday, he remembers his long journey of addiction and his recovery. As he began to grow up he realized that alcohol and cigarettes were […]

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Jul 19

Unraveling Opioid Addiction

Heroin overdose has claimed 888 lives in Milwaukee since 2012

It wasn’t too long ago when addiction wasn’t taken seriously, even within the scientific community. For years, the inability to control one’s habits were reduced to nothing more than a lack of willpower. Now, more research is being conducted that leave scientists and doctors alike singing a new tune. They’re finding a common thread between […]

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Jun 21

Opioids: An Epidemic


There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the opioid epidemic. “The opioid problem has yet to peak as overdose deaths remain at all-time highs and the number of addicts needing treatment continues to grow,” said Peter Brunzelle, director of SALS Recovery Center, in a recent interview. Opioids, according to the National Institute […]

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Jun 19

Side-Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances on the planet. That usually a result of the powerful kick that happens the very first time you use it. The high comes on quickly, especially if it’s injected into the bloodstream. Outside of the strong high, most cocaine users do not think about the […]

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